Sandie Headstream – Volunteer of the Year

Each year The Academy honors a volunteer with the Volunteer of the Year award. In case you missed it at the Send Off Event, this being AAPA’s 20th anniversary, we felt it would be fitting to honor someone who has been with us for almost all of them.  Now in her 14th season of fitting and sewing uniforms for the corps we present Sandie Headstream with this year’s Volunteer of the Year award.

Sandie began her Academy journey when her son Kyle became a member of the corps and like so many others, she has continued to volunteer many years past her son’s time with The Academy.   She has quietly worked behind the scenes bringing her sewing expertise and attention to detail to make the corps look their best year after year. 

If you’ve ever been to our offices you will have seen the beautiful shadow box displays of our past uniforms that Sandie has artfully crafted hanging in the lobby.  Every year she cheerfully answers the call and contributes countless hours of her time and considerable talent to make us look… “perfect”.

Join us in congratulating Sandie as our 2021 Volunteer of the Year. Thank you, Sandie!

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