About Arizona Academy of the Performing Arts

Core Beliefs
As a 501(c)3 organization, programs and services of The Academy are designed for motivated individuals who desire the most from their efforts in the performing arts. We are committed to creating a positive learning and performing experience for all participants, and to providing members with the knowledge and inspiration to take their art to the next level.

Our Programs
The Academy attempts to assist and enhance current school programs and fill a void in some areas of public arts opportunities. Each year we serve over 500 children of all ages and adults who are young at heart in our programs that include: “The Academy Drum and Bugle Corps”, “The Academy Summer Youth Guard”, “The Academy Winter Youth Guard”, and “Phenom” Drum and Bugle Corps.

We use local facilities from the City of Tempe and surrounding communities to rehearse, design, hold meetings, and perform week after week throughout the year. Some of our programs travel all over the country representing Arizona.

The key to success for most non-profit is volunteerism. These are the groups of people with the greatest commitment and passion for the mission of the organization. Without question that is the key to the success of the Arizona Academy of the Performing Arts. You will find this passion and commitment for our mission from our Board of Directors, Event Committee Chairs, as well as the parents and drum corps fans and volunteers.


  • My child had a wonderful experience with The Academy. I think that every effort was made to give them a complete experience. The instructors were awesome and I know that December can’t come too soon.
  • Both of our children ‘grew’ immensely from a physical and emotional standpoint. A huge self esteem builder! Friendships that will truly last a lifetime.
  • He grew tremendously as a person through the experience of the Academy. It was exciting to see his skill level increase and his dedication to something he loved to do. He was exhausted everyday after practice, but I asked his if he still loved it and he said YES. He has great respect for the staff. We have seen such a maturity in him and a leadership role he is carrying into his marching band at high school.
  • A totally unforgettable, life-changing experience. Our son grew as a musician, as a team member, and gained great confidence in his ability to work positively with great dedication to help achieve a common group goal >>> the Road to Madison was the growing experience >>> the GOLD medal was a very sweet reward, like icing on the cake!
  • Being a member of The Academy has been an awesome experience for my child. From learning the value and rewards of hard work, to the integrity taught by Mark and all the other instructors – I am so glad he has had this experience!
  • He learned that hard work does pay off, how to show emotion, dedication to friends, respect for others and many more lessons. I can’t stop bragging about the experience…not just winning but the whole experience. My son has definitely matured during the process.
  • Honestly, there are no words to fully express what a wonderful experience the Academy was for my child. It was the experience of a lifetime – and it developed so many wonderful qualities in my child that I truly can’t explain it.
  • She loved it! She matured and confirmed to herself that music is her passion. She is more confident and loved being in a group where every one was willing to put in the time to become great and weren’t there because they had to be. I think it was great for her.
  • It has been a tremendous blessing and a valuable learning experience for our son. He returned from Madison a more confident and mature young man, and is more focused than ever on being a leader in his high school marching band.
  • Extremely rewarding. The experience, friendships and memories are forever.
  • It was the experience of a lifetime. As a parent I couldn’t ask for a better organization for my child to be involved in. I am anxiously waiting for the 2007 season to begin and so is my daughter.
  • This experience has had a tremendously positive effect on Kyle. Learning to work together as a team, striving to achieve perfection, and focusing on minute details as part of an overall group performance are skills and attributes we believe will enable Kyle to be a stronger, more complete young man.
  • Our son is a different person now. He needed a lot of growing up, though now 17. He has turned from a leisure loving, procrastinating, disorganized kids who needed prodding for most things (except drum corps commitments!) into a responsible, serious, ambitious kid who is taking initiative with college prep, scholarship searched, music practice, music excellence… all this from his experience with drum corps. He wants to stay in drum corps through college! This is why I now say the fees (once thought to be exorbitant) were worth it.
  • I have shared with Mark how our son came back from Madison a mature and focused young man. The discipline and feeling of belonging to something so great has changed who he is and will continue to become. He truly has champion is his blood stream and will always remember those in the organization that mentored and taught him to appreciate the journey and to strive for his personal best! Thank you to all!