The Academy premiers new FLX fabric by Fruhauf

Anticipating the 2018 Design Announcement…

The Academy Drum & Bugle Corps and partner Fruhauf Uniforms are excited about their second season working together. The Academy will be debuting this year’s new look at an upcoming fund-raising event, April 28th and in the days following, revealing to the world what Fruhauf and The Academy have been up to this winter. This year’s uniform look will definitely speak to the theme of the 2018 production, yet to be announced.

The Academy 2018 uniforms will make use of a newly available Fruhauf fabric that stretches but doesn’t look like Lycra! This new fabric, dubbed “FLX” by Fruhauf, will allow The Academy to retain a well-tailored traditional appearance while enjoying the “FLXability” and comfort of a stretch fabric. In addition, FLX is a “wicking” fabric, meaning it will wick moisture away from the body and dry quickly, a tremendous help to any drum corps while on the hot summer tour. The Academy will be the first drum corps or band to make use of this innovative product. “Our entire uniform is being manufactured in FLX fabric,” states uniform coordinator, Lauren Ripley. She goes on to say, “We vigorously tested a pair of uniform pants using FLX fabric and the results were fantastic.” Academy member Jordan Spann wore them for an entire rehearsal day, including a strenuous physical training workout as well as a two-hour dance block. The pants were able to be sculpted to Jordan’s body for a great athletic look yet still retain the look of a well-tailored suit. Jordan remarked on how comfortable these pants were and added, “They make me feel like I can really move in them!”

The Academy is proud to be representing Fruhauf Uniforms on the DCI World Class stage. “This partnership means so much to the corps, allowing us to explore new looks for each new production and to “show-off” the latest and greatest in uniform technology and design,” says executive director, Mark Richardson. Look for their 2018 program announcement coming in late April.

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