Get a personalized, inspirational message embroidered in a new 2017 uniform!

When new uniforms were needed in 2010, supporters across The Academy Family stepped up to help by sponsoring individual uniforms. The name of the sponsor and a few “words of wisdom” were embroidered into the uniforms. Expressions of support and inspiration carried our members for six seasons and are now being retired. Brand new uniforms will arrive soon and we want to offer this opportunity again.

To help cover the expanding costs of the tour, we’re hoping you will make a gift of $100 to include your words of wisdom in a uniform of one of our 150 members. You can designate your tag to a specific member or section, or let us match your tag to someone for you.

Your name and a short inspirational message of your choice (limited to 60 characters) will be sewn inside one of our 2017 season uniforms. Your words of wisdom will be seen every time your member gets ready for a performance, and your gift will make a big difference meeting the increased financial demands of our ambitious program.

You will also receive early access to view this year’s new uniform.

Your encouragement keeps us moving forward into this new era of The Academy. Thank you for your support!