What do the Membership Dues include?

Prospective Members being offered a Contract for full Membership will have access to the complete offering of the 2021 season.  Membership Dues will include:

  • All training work with the staff through the winter/spring in a virtual setting.
    (No flights required to attend in-person camps in 2021)
  • Production Expenses for all performance experiences.
  • Mid-summer flight from Arizona to Indianapolis.
    (approximately $180-240 to be billed separately)
  • All Tour expenses
  • Bus Transportation during all-day rehearsals.
  • COVID-19 related supplies as needed.
    (such as regular testing)
  • Instruments/Equipment
  • Uniforms
  • Instruction/Design during summer
  • Food throughout the experience
  • Other performance related cots.
  • Etc.

What do the Membership Dues NOT include?

While the organization and your Membership Dues cover nearly the entirety of the experience, there are some additional expenses that you need to consider when agreeing to the financial commitment.  Those things might include:

  • Transportation TO the corps in Arizona at the start of all day rehearsals.
  • Transportation FROM the corps after the performances in Indianapolis.
  • Potential additional flight to and from Arizona for an interim break in rehearsal schedule.
  • Misc. Costs such as laundry money, personal supplies, etc.
  • A few meals, possibly, during the summer
  • Performance undergarments, Make-up as needed
  • Special mouthpiece for the brass players
  • Rehearsal tools such as Smart Music
  • Misc.

Financial Commitment – UPDATED

The dues contributed by the membership account for only about 50% of the required income for the organization to operate.  Remaining income results from fundraising through events, donations, grants, and other business related revenue to assist in bringing the cost of tuition as low as possible. 

The financial commitment in total for the 2021 experience will be approximately $2,900 (including the approximate $200 flight cost from Arizona to Indiana). 

Minimum Payment Installments

In the contract presented to each member, a minimum dues installment schedule will be required.  A portion of each installment will be non-refundable to assist in covering costs of ongoing education, planning, administration, and general operations.  Dues installments are structured in a manner this season, to responsibly allow for the uncertainty of the season, in the unlikely event that the pandemic accelerates to the point that the season would have to be cancelled. 

Veteran Member Scholarships

The Academy is pleased to reward returning members with automatic scholarships for participating with the corps in multiple seasons.  A tiered system based on the number of years marched determines the value of the scholarship.  (The 2020 cancelled season does not count toward a scholarship year award).

Discounts | Fees | Fundraising

EARLY PAYMENT DISCOUNT – A $100 discount is applicable to all who pay in full by the April 19th installment date.

LATE FEE – A $200 fee is added to the responsibility for dues not paid in full by the final installment date on July 12.

FULL PAYMENT REQUIRED – Members are not allowed to tour until the full financial commitment is paid. 

FUNDRAISING – Three fundraising programs will be offered to members including the Tour Raffle, where members sell tickets and receive 100% of the sales to offset their dues.  In addition, two Member Sponsorship programs are offered as a way for members to seek financial support from within their community.