Phoenix Area Open House

Join us at the Phoenix area Open House and Early Audition Session on Sunday, November 5th. The Open House sessions are an opportunity for prospective members, parents, and fans to learn about many of the plans for the 2018 season, meet a few of the staff, get to know some of our veteran members, and gain a better understanding of the expectations of membership for the corps. It is also an opportunity for performers to discover some of The Academy techniques and audition expectations with full instructional segments given by key staff members. This year, the staff will be offering participants the ability to be evaluated prior to the December audition camp, giving individuals a chance to move forward in the audition process early on. Each of these sessions are FREE to all who attend.

The session begins with a meeting with Director Mark Richardson, who will give everyone a feel for what lies in store for the 2018 corps. Then, Brass, Guard, Front Ensemble, and Drumline students will have the chance to work with our staff to develop some of our techniques and further prepare for the auditions.

Sunday, November 5th
12:00 pm to 5:00 pm
500 S McQueen Rd. – map
Gilbert, AZ 85233

More about the Open House
Each of the sessions will begin at 12:00 pm with a presentation to all prospective members, parents, fans, about the latest updates and news regarding the organization and The Academy Drum and Bugle Corps. Attendees will learn about the most up-to-date touring plans, learn more about the designers and design process for 2018, and be introduced to a few of the staff that will be working with the corps this season. Details of what the requirements of corps membership are, what to expect at auditions, and other questions will be answered at that time. Immediately following, while the prospective members begin their session with the staff and veteran members, parents will learn more about the organization from the perspective of a parent and be able to ask specific questions about what it is their student is about to embark on.

For the prospective members, the larger portion of the Open House will be designated for time with the staff and veteran members of the corps. This segment will include performance clinics focused on The Academy techniques and audition preparation.

The tentative schedule will be something like this:
11:30 am – Doors open & Check-in (performance attendees sign in before the meeting begins)
12:00 pm – Informational presentation begins in Auditorium
1:00 pm – Performance sessions begin, Parent information session begins
4:30 pm – Wrap up discussion with performers
5:00 pm – End

What to wear and what to bring (prospective members)
Participants in the performance sessions should be dressed for physical activity including marching, running, stretching, movement, etc. Tennis shoes and loose, comfortable athletic clothing is required for participation. No sandals, jeans, or heavy clothing, please. Also, be prepared for possibly cold weather as a portion of the sessions may be outdoors. Bring extra clothes that you can layer on and off as the temperature fluctuates. Bring your own water jug to remain hydrated and arrive having had a substantial meal to last for the duration of the clinic.

We will have instruments to take care of everybody, however not enough for everyone to play all the time, so if you have drum pad, bring it along with you. Be sure to bring your own sticks and mallets, water, and appropriate clothing/shoes. Most of the musical material that will be addressed will be from the audition music available to those who register to audition. There will be some copies of specific exercises available, but your experience will be heightened if you are able to have some basic understanding of what is in the technique book prior to the Open House.

Please plan to bring your own marching instrument with you to the Open House. If you do not have an instrument to use, we will have an instrument available to you for the day. Most of the musical material that will be addressed will be from the audition music available to those who register to audition. There will be some copies of music available, but your experience will heightened if you are able to have some basic understanding of what is in the technique book prior to the Open House. In addition, a portion of the session will be physical in nature (stretching, and marching, etc.). Bring appropriate clothing and shoes for exercise, and water. No sandals, jeans, or heavy clothing, please.

Color Guard
Color guard participants will need to bring a flag & pole, as well as a rifle and/or sabre if you have one. There may be limited equipment available in case there are a few individuals that cannot bring their own equipment. Please wear comfortable, form fitting dance clothing. We will typically begin each session with movement and dance and then break into some form of equipment sessions for flag and weapon, depending on the make-up of the attendees. You will need something that allows you to have maximum flexibility and your feet and ankles must be able to be seen.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Register for the 2018 corps auditions – In the meantime, if you are planning on auditioning for the 2017 corps, be sure to register online here. Doing so will gain you access to the audition materials that will be addressed in the instructional sessions at the Open House.

Join the Facebook group – Want to get the latest information, ask questions, and meet some prospective members, join the 2018 Academy Audition Interest Group here on Facebook.

2018 corps information – get more details about the 2017 corps, audition date, location, and other info by visiting the corps web page here.