Ohio Remote Auditions

Register early to take advantage of the limited time only Registration Fee Waiver ($75 Registration Fee waived).  Early registrations will only be charged the $75 Remote Audition Event Fee!

Join us at the Ohio Auditions on Sunday, November 7th at the University of Cincinnati.

This Fall, The Academy will be hosting several Remote Audition events across the country. These sessions are designed to allow prospective members who reside a large distance away to audition for The Academy before investing in the expense of a plane flight to attend the full audition camp in Arizona. Here, students will be exposed to short instructional sessions with members of The Academy staff, where they can learn more about the specifics of The Academy techniques and membership expectations.  Drumline performers are able to audition at the Ohio audition event. 

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During the session, individuals who are interested in auditioning for the 2022 corps will be evaluated with a staff member and have the prospect of being offered a membership position or elevated to “Callback” status prior to the callback camp in January. Participants in these Remote Evaluation Events will need to officially register and pay for the audition event prior to attending, which will give the student access to the detailed audition materials and exercises to prepare.

Sunday, November 7th
12:00 pm to 4:30 pm
University of Cincinnati
147 W Corry Blvd. Cincinnati,
OH 45219 – Directions

Download Parking Map Here.  Participants will park in the open positions (should be free on Sunday) on Jefferson Avenue. 

More about the Remote Auditions
Each of the sessions will begin at 12:00 pm with a short meeting with introductions and some of the latest updates and news regarding The Academy 2022. Attendees will then break into performance clinics focused on The Academy techniques and audition preparation. 

Applicants will typically be individually evaluated by a staff member at some point throughout the day.

The tentative schedule will be something like this:
11:30 am – Doors open & Check-in
12:00 pm – Meet & Greet
12:30 pm – Performance/Audition sessions begin
4:00 pm – Wrap up discussion with performers
4:30 pm – End

What will the Auditions entail?
The staff member will likely ask a few brief questions about each performer’s experience, why they are interested in the drum and bugle corps activity, and why they are interested in The Academy experience. Next, the performer will demonstrate their skills on their equipment with content from the audition materials, and/or material that the performer has prepared. Auditions may be video recorded for other staff and caption heads to review at a later time and feedback from the performance will be given before returning to the group sessions. Later, the staff will determine what status to move the performer to. Notice of this assignment will typically be given by email later that week.

What to Wear and What to Bring
Participants in the performance sessions should be dressed for physical activity including marching, running, stretching, movement, etc. Tennis shoes and loose, comfortable athletic clothing is required for participation. No sandals, jeans, or heavy clothing, please. Bring your own water jug to remain hydrated and arrive having had a substantial meal to last for the duration of the clinic.

Drumline participants, be sure to bring your instrument, sticks, and mallets, water, and appropriate clothing/shoes. Keyboardists, bring your mallets with you and Marimbas/Vibes will be made available for you.  All of the musical material that will be addressed will be from the audition music made available upon registering online. Realize that your experience will be heightened the more you are able to have some basic understanding of what is in the technique book prior to the audition. So register in advance and come prepared!

Drumline prospective members, be sure to request to join the 2022 Academy Drumline Interest Group to get your questions answered and get to know the people involved.

Front Ensemble prospective members join the 2022 Academy Front Ensemble Interest Group as well.

Register to Audition – Payment for (1) the Registration Fee ($75 Registration Fee waived for a limited time only for early registrants!) and (2) the Remote Audition Event Fee ($75) can be completed online.  Once registered, the participant will have access to the audition materials, letters from staff, technique manuals, music, etc.

2022 corps information – get more details and updates about the 2022 corps, audition dates, location, and other info by visiting the corps web page here.