2018 Drum Corps Challenge

Along with drum corps and SoundSport groups from all across DCI, we’re racing to the finish of the 2018 season in the fourth-annual DCI Challenge!

Now’s your chance to help The Academy raise $7,500 in seven days. Every dollar we raise goes toward supporting this year’s operating costs — will you chip in and help us hit that goal?

Any donation of any amount for any reason through Friday, August 3rd counts toward our goal.

You can make a contribution to our Feed Your Favorite Corps campaign by sponsoring a snack or meal during this year’s tour, or you can make a general donation for an amount of your choosing.


Choose a donation option below:

Feed Your Favorite Corps
Sponsor a meal or snack on tour.

Feed Your Favorite corps

Make a General Donation
Choose any amount to donate.

Make a General Donation