Bashas’ Shop & Give

Bashas’ Thank You Card

To participate in Shop & Give, you must have a Bashas’ Thank You Card. If you don’t already have a Thank You Card, obtain one at any Bashas’ store or sign up online. The card is free.

Initiating Participation in Shop & Give

To sign up for Shop & Give, ask Bashas’ Customer Service or a cashier to link The Academy’s identification number, which is 25158, to your Thank You Card. Your next receipt will include a message confirming that you have signed up; the receipt will show a purchased item with a $0.00 amount. Alternatively, sign up online at

How Shop & Give Works

  • You incur no fees or other costs for participating.
  • Bashas’ will donate to The Academy 1% of all purchases made by holders of Thank You Cards linked to The Academy.
  • After you sign up for the program, whenever you shop at Bashas’ you simply use your Thank You Card or give the cashier your phone number – you do not give the cashier The Academy’s I.D. number again (until the program starts again in September).

Pay with Community Support Card

If you participate in Shop & Give and pay for your purchases at Bashas’ with a Community Support Card obtained through The Academy, Bashas’ will donate to The Academy under both programs. At no extra cost to yourself, you can support The Academy by triggering a donation by Bashas’ of a total of 7% of the money you spend at Bashas’ stores: 6% by using your Community Support Card and an additional 1% from Shop & Give.

Store Locations

Only Bashas’ stores participate in Shop & Give. Purchases at other Bashas’ stores owned by Bashas’, such as AJ’s Fine Foods, Food City, and Ike’s Farmers’ Market, do not count in calculating the 1% donation.

Multiple Organizations

A Thank You Card can be linked to as many as three non-profit organizations. However, if you link to two or three organizations, the 1% donation will be equally divided among the selected groups.


If you have any questions about the Shop & Give program, e-mail to or go to