HM6A8767After several months of construction and 80 days on the road, the season is over and our tree stumps are looking for a new home!  Built to easily load and transport onto a 26-foot box truck with a lift gate, the scenery pieces include the following:

  • 1- 6 foot tall, 60″ diameter piece with a solid platform that served as our center conductor podium
  • 2 – short, 36″ diameter pieces with a solid platform that served as our 2 side conductor podiums
  • 28 – pieces that we called our bunny holes, which vary in height, angle, and diameter (36″, 42″, & 48″).  Each of these have digitally printed fabric on the top with slits in them for people to pop in and out of the top.
  • 8 – pieces that we called our “scenery pieces”.  They vary in size from 1.5 feet tall to 4.5 feet tall, and 36″ in diameter to 60″ in diameter.  Each of these pieces have platforms on which to stand on.  The tallest have fabric holes in the center where performers can come in and out of.
  • 4 – Log segments that served as a sideline screen at the front of the field.  The longest is 7.5 feet and the shortest is approximately 6 feet.
  • 7 – plywood carts with solid rubber wheels used to transport and store the scenery
  • 3 – high density foam cushions for safety, if performers will be dropping into the holes from above
  • 1 – tool box full of paint, hardware, foliage for repair and upkeep.

The material used for the cylindrical pieces were concrete forms that are used to build bridge columns (sonotube).  They are made of compressed cardboard so relatively light weight, yet durable.  We spent the better part of 3 months constructing the units.  Each of the pieces were hand cut, water treated to resist damp grass, and reinforced on the bottom edges to prevent wear and tear in loading and transporting.  The exterior is wrapped in a decorative molded paneling Provost Displays.  Then, the pieces were professionally painted and decorated by Doug Gardner and our partners at Field & Floor FX, making them look as real as possible from the distances in a typical football stadium.

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