Logo lineThe Academy offers its Jupiter, Mapex, and Majestic marching brass and percussion instruments for sale.   With reduced pricing for the instruments, the opportunity is perfect for any performer, drum corps, high school, or collegiate music program to maximize their investment.  These instruments will have been used for a limited time, some as little as 5 months. The Academy’s comprehensive program of instrument care developed by The Brass Shop owner Paul Collins ensures that the equipment is maintained and are in GREAT condition at the end of the our use.

We accept deposits and purchase orders to reserve your instruments.  Most instruments can ship direct to you, or save on shipping and pick the instruments up directly from DCI World Championships or in Tempe, AZ.  Ensembles looking to purchase entire sections can inquire about even deeper discounts than listed here for individual instruments.

Contact us at email@arizonaacademy.org or 480-838-4203

XO Professional Series Trumpet
RRP:  $2,185 new
Used 2 seasons (19 remaining) $1,400 ea.
Used 1 season (5 remaining) $1,500 ea.

The 1602S-R XO Professional Series Trumpet is built around a traditional two-piece valve casing with nickel silver balusters. The 1602 offers a one-piece yellow brass design with standard taper and soldered bell wire for maximum resonance and even tonal balance. This .459” bore trumpet incorporates a reverse leadpipe as well as standard trim packages incorporating both round and D-shaped tuning slides, pearl and smooth valve caps, and two levels of valve springs. These models can be customized to meet the professional’s performance needs.

Quantum Marching Mellophone
RRP:  $1,583 new
Used 2 seasons (7 remaining) $1,050 ea.
Used 1 season (11 remaining) $1,125 ea. 

The 5050SQuantum Mellophone boasts a .460” bore, a 10.7” bell, and weighs in at only 3.6 pounds. The special design branch tapers provide maximum airflow for excellent intonation, great projection and incredible volume. The 5050 includes two mouthpieces – a standard and a unique Hybrid mouthpiece with French horn cup that is perfectly suited for warm ballads and ensemble use.

Quantum Marching Baritone
RRP:  $2,339 new
Used 1 season (5 remaining) $1,595 ea. AVAILABLE TODAY!

The 5060S Quantum Baritone’s responsive .531” bore and 10” bell combine to really blow and go! This sleek instrument incorporates a mouthpiece receiver adaptable to small or large shank mouthpieces to fully achieve the ensemble sound inherent in the Quantum brass philosophy. With a well-balanced weight of only 6.2 pounds, this instrument is well suited for all the performance demands the marching arts can unleash.

Quantum Marching Euphonium – 17 available
RRP:  $2,492 new
Used 2 seasons (17 available) $1,700 ea.
Used 1 season (8 available)  $1,850 ea.

The 5070S Quantum marching euphonium features an 11” bell, a .592” bore, and stainless steel pistons. In addition to a unique first valve slide trigger for easy tuning the instrument also features a finger ring for carrying. Equipped with a large shank mouthpiece receiver, this instrument is the perfect tonal balance for use with the 5060 Quantum baritone. The 5070 is ergonomically designed and incredibly well-balanced making it a true pleasure to play even after hours of rehearsal.

Jupiter Quantum Marching Tubas
RRP:  $6,169 new
Used 2 seasons (13 available)  $3,700 ea.

The 5080S Quantum tuba incorporates many unique features that put it a step ahead of other marching tubas. The first valve tuning slide trigger allows for quick responsive tuning while the extended range main tuning slide offers greater tuning range to cover many climate demands. The tone intensifier ring on the bell helps radiate great power from its 21” bell and .689” bore.

2016 DRUMLINE used in Drum Corpse Bride – 1 season

DSC_2504Sold as a complete set due to the drums being custom assembled.  See specifications of the drums below for details on the individual drums.

In the set includes 10 snare drums, 5 tenor drums, and 5 bass drums (18″, 22″, 24″, 28″, and 30″) with covers, harnesses, and stands included.

Used 1 season $13,500
(not including shipping, if shipping is required)

Mapex Quantum Marching XT Snare Drums – 5 REMAINING
Used in the 2015 Season
Your Price:  $575 ea.
RRP:  $720 new (You save  $145)

QCX1412S_GT_Chrome_Print The Quantum XT Snare Drum features a 2 interior Birch and 4 exterior Maple ply shell and a 12 tube suspension frame. The XT has the ability to support the highest tension tuning schemes and all batter and snare head types.  Purchase includes Posto Series Carrier.
• 14″x12″ XT Snare Drum
• 6 ply (2 interior Birch/4 exterior Maple) shell
• Die cast aluminum hoops & Remo heads
• Pro marching strainer with reinforced synthetic gut snares
• 3 air vents
• Extreme tension
• 12 lugs, suspension frame

Mapex Quantum Marching Tenors – 1 REMAINING
Used in the 2015 Season
Your Price:  $900 ea.
RRP:  $1,375 new (You save  $475)

Tenors The Mapex Quantum tom shells feature interior plies of Walnut and progressive cutaways that produce a full, dark tonality with intense clarity and projection. Walnut reinforcing rings provide shell stability while retaining the characteristic warmth of the shell.  Tenors include Posto Series Carrier.

• 2 interior walnut and 4 outer maple shells with reinforcing ring
• 2.3mm steel hoops
• Tube system lugs
• Remo heads
• OmniRail System by XL Specialties

Mapex Quantum Marching Bass Drums – SOLD OUT
Used in the 2015 Season
Your Price:  $2,885 for the set
RRP:  $3,805 new (You save  $920)

Bass Drums For maximum projection, clarity and feel the Mapex Quantum progressive air venting system helps address the demands of contemporary rudimental bass drumming. The quad-beaded claws and aluminum hoops ensure unsurpassed strength and stability.  Bass Drums include Posto Series Carrier.

Drum sizes include:
18″x14″, 20″x14″, 24″x14″, 26″x14″, 30″x16″
(sizes not shown here)

MAPEX QUANTUM BASS DRUM FEATURES – (Black fade shell w/ chrome hardware not shown here)
• Maple shell
• Aluminum allow hoops
• Tube system lugs
• Remo heads (color not shown here)
• Progressive air vent system

Majestic Quantum Marimba
8 REMAINING used for the 2017 season
Your Price:  $4,600 ea. 
RRP:  $7,195 new (You save  $2,595)

Marimba Quantum series marimbas feature a newly formulated synthetic bar material for optimal performance in all environments. These bars have unprecedented warmth of tone for a synthetic material and a wood-like appearance. Precision tuning methods ensure the highest level of tonal consistency.

The Academy instruments feature custom black resonators (not shown here) which give the instruments a rich, classic image.

• 4.6 Octave Marimba
• Synthetic bars with 7 graduations
• Offset arch resonators with black finish (not shown here); tunable low end
• Pneumatic cylinder assisted height adjustment
• 8″ wheels

Majestic Quantum Marching Vibraphones
7 REMAINING used for the 2017 season
Your Price:  $2,950 ea. 
RRP:  $3,750 new (You save  $800)

Vibraphone With the Majestic Quantum vibraphones, you don’t have to sacrifice warmth for projection. The big, full-bodied tone produced by theses instruments can fill stadiums without becoming too bright or thin sounding.

Similar to the Quantum Marimba, The Academy instruments feature custom black resonators (not shown here) which give the instruments a rich, classic image.


• 3 Octave Vibraphone
• Wide pedal with twin pull rods
• Offset arch resonators with black finish (not pictured here)
• Pneumatic cylinder assisted height adjustment
• 8″ wheels

Majestic Symphonic Copper Timpani – Set of 5
Used in the 2017 season
Your Price:  $10,000 for the set 
RRP:  $13,555 new (You save  $3,555)

Timpani Over 85 years of experience and expert advice from many top timpanists have gone into the making of the Majestic Symphonic timpani. The Majestic Symphonic is manufactured with state-of-the-art technology in an endeavor to achieve the ultimate in perfection. The result is a timpani with extraordinary acoustic properties, whether played fortissimo or pianissimo. Its warm, full-bodied timbre has tremendous carrying power while its pitch remains perfectly definable over the full range.
Learn more about the Majestic Symphonic Series Timpani here.