Welcome Home, Academy!


$31,033 as of 12/31/16 ($30,000 goal)


As of December 31st, we have exceeded our $30,000 goal!!!  Thank you to all who have made this accomplishment a reality!  Happy New Year!

Dear friends,
2016 was a very special year for The Academy. Our heartfelt thanks go out to the hundreds of people who have donated, volunteered, cheered and supported us throughout the years.  We now have a success problem—it is no longer feasible for us to operate from people’s houses.

It may surprise you that for over 16 years we have been operating out of the homes of our staff and volunteers!

DSC_0169We need office, warehouse and vehicle storage space. Please help us realize this goal: to give our organization a place to efficiently meet, plan and work toward continued growth and success.

UPDATE – WE HAVE FOUND A HOME!  As of December 1, we have secured a location for the organization to move in.  A 3,200 square foot space with 4 offices, a conference room, break room, and warehouse space will allow us to improve efficiencies and expand our operations.  Our goal of $30,000 helps to cover the launch of the facility with lease and utilities for the start up year and office furniture/equipment for the administrative staff.

ikea-giftFURNISHING THE BUILDING BEFORE THE NEW YEAR – In addition, we ask for your support in completely furnishing the office before the new year. We will then invite everyone to see the finished product at our Public Open House on Sunday, February 12th.  To do so, we are setting up a Housewarming Registry at Ikea.  Here we are seeking assistance in making our building a world class place for staff, members, and volunteers to gather, work, and meet throughout the year.  Conference chairs, sofa and lounge chairs, tables, and decor are just some of the important items on our wish list.  We will have items that range from $1 to several hundred dollars that will enable fans to give at any level.

Sponsor a Room

Give with the thought of naming rights in the building!  Each room offers an opportunity to be recognized throughout the duration of our tenure in the building.  Donors of each space will earn a sponsorship plaque hung on the wall for all to see throughout the duration of our residence.  Donate today to reserve your area:

$3,000 gift names the Reception Room  – Sponsorship Allocated – Thank you Bud and Gaile Boothe!
$2,500 gift names the Executive Director’s Office – Sponsorship Allocated – Thank you Kent & Kevin White!
$2,000 gift names the Conference Room – Sponsorship Allocated – Thank you MarchingApparel.com!
$2,000 gift names the Warehouse Space – Sponsorship Allocated – Thank you Thom Berger and Mark Hoover!

$1,500 gift names the Business Manager’s Office – Sponsorship Allocated – Thank you Jerry Ridgway!
$1,000 gift names the Business Assistant Office – Sponsorship Allocated -  Thank you Susan and Brian Palmer
$1,000 gift names the Auxilliary Office - Sponsorship Allocated – Thank you Paul & Donna Litteau
$750 gift names the Break Room – Sponsorship Allocated – Thank you Borg/Sterling Family!

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

JLO_7673 9.05.43 AM$50 & above: Advance notice to purchase DATD Tickets
$100 & above: New item: Collectible Academy Lapel Pin
$150 & above: Exclusive 2017 Donor T-shirt
$250 & above: 2 Premium Tickets to DATD or
$500 & above: 2 Super Premium Tickets to DATD or
$1,000 & above: 4 Super Premium Tickets to DATD



Thank YOU for your support!