2015 Equipment Trailer Campaign

As of April 24, 2015 $39,410 has been raised towards the Equipment Trailer Campaign.


Help The Academy secure a new Equipment Trailer!
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Old Trailer B&WThe Academy is excited to announce the official launch of a capital campaign for a new equipment trailer.  In 2005, we acquired our first semi-trailer that we repaired and outfitted for storing and transporting equipment, instruments, and uniforms for The Academy Drum and Bugle Corps.   With tender love and care that 48-foot trailer served us well for nearly a decade.

While still a viable trailer, in recent years we have realized it has become too small for the needs of our growing ensemble.  In 2005 the corps toured with 119 members.  With our continued growth by 2010 we had reached 150 members, the maximum allowed by Drum Corps International rules.  With the increase in membership came the increase in equipment; more uniforms, more marimbas, tubas, drums, sound equipment and more.  In 2010 and 2011 we were fortunate to be able to borrow two large cargo trailers and trucks to manage the overflow of equipment.  For the past three years, 2012-14, we have had to rent a 24-foot box truck to accommodate the additional equipment and in 2014 also added a U-Haul trailer to transport props used in our production entitled “Vanity Fair”.

As you can imagine renting additional vehicles and the associated fuel costs once a month for rehearsal camps and then for the entire summer tour can be costly each year.  In fact, the total spent by adding the box truck alone for a season totals nearly $20,000.  Added to that is an additional $4,000 annually for needed storage space during the off season.

Our plan is in two phases:
Sample Triple Drop TrailerPhase 1 – Purchase a larger, 53-foot triple drop moving trailer to fulfill the bulk of our transportation and storage needs.  This is the longest trailer available on the road right now.  The designation “triple drop” refers to the fact that the trailer’s depth drops completely to the ground allowing for ease of loading and maximum cubic footage inside the trailer.  This allows for a two-story build out, nearly doubling the accessible space in our current 48-foot trailer.  In time, the money saved will allow us to better serve our participants through a tuition reduction, tour expansion and the elimination of the need for ten additional volunteer drivers for the box truck during the summer tour.

We have located a rare to find Featherweight brand 53-foot, triple drop trailer previously used by Atlas Moving Company.  While it requires substantial repairs, will require less financial investment than purchasing a brand new unit.

Purchase of Trailer                                             ($8,000)
Refurbishment                                                    ($22,000)
Supplies for interior buildout                               ($10,000)
Other  (incl. logos and Donor Recognition)         ($9,000)
Total expenses for Phase 1                                 ($49,000)

Sample Cargo TrailerPhase 2 – While the semi-trailer is of primary importance, a separate covered cargo trailer will be purchased through this campaign when funding becomes available.  In addition to providing space for props, auxiliary instruments and other production items needed for the national tour, having a permanent space to store equipment will allow us to divest one or two storage units.  Also, having a trailer that can be pulled by a standard pick-up truck gives us greater flexibility to move equipment around locally in the non-touring part of our year.

Purchase of Used Cargo Trailer                 ($5,000)
Refurbishment                                             ($500)
Other (incl. logos & donor recognition)        ($500)
Total expenses for Phase 2                         ($6,000)

Trailer at Lucas OilJoin The Academy in the quest

We are extremely excited about the momentum that this campaign is already beginning to generate.  With the sale of our original trailer complete, a rare triple drop trailer available to purchase locally, initial blueprint plans for a two-story layout already sketched out, all of the pieces are in place to get this campaign moving and bring it to fruition before our summer training begins next May.  All that is missing is the generous financial support from our community to help us bring this to life.  Get on board and join the list of contributors to this project!

Your Name HereGet your name on the trailer for all to see!

To jump start this effort a partner of The Academy, MarchingApparel.com offered to match any donation for the first $5,000 of individual support.  Donations of all sizes are encouraged, however donors who give $500 or more will have their name listed on the trailer in recognition of their important gift.

YourLogoHere2Corporate/Foundation Support Logo Recognition

We appreciate the support and encouragement from businesses and foundations that see the value in what we do.  While any size gift is greatly appreciated, Corporate donations of $5,000 or more will be honored with their business logo placed on the side of the new equipment trailer as well as the food trailer and souvenir trailer.  Your recognition will travel 10,000 miles across the country and be seen by thousands over the next 10-20 years.  To jump start this effort a partner of The Academy, MarchingApparel.com offered $5,000 and became the first corporate donor at this level.  We encourage your business to join in support of this project.

AppLogoAlumni Opportunity

Alumni, here’s your chance to contribute and be recognized.  For a minimum $25 contribution,  your name, section, and years marched will be listed on the interior of the trailer for all future members to see as they live, work, and travel with their new trailer throughout the life of the vehicle.

As of April 12, 2015 the following alumni and current members have offered their support to this campaign:
Sid Adams, Andrew Adamson, Jose Anca, Patrick Anderson, Bernadette Arnold, Jay Balk, Sam Balk, Nikki Behrens, Lauren Besich, Danny Bierwas, Joe Blidy, Austin Bloom, Valerie Bostel, Ann Boyer, Thomas Buchanan, Jacob Campos, Becca Cantrell, Alexa Carrasco, Sam Catcliffe, Tyler Chadwick, Alex Christensen, Justin Clement, Jenessa Cordes, Omar Cordova, Amanda Courtright, Mary Cowperthwait, Liz Crofton, Michael Cuellar, Taylor Denfeld, Mitchell DePalma, Tory Donahoo, Gabriel Duerkop, Kelli Duncan, Dan Eaton, Kyle Edwards, Gregg Fimbres, Daniel Fischer, Franco Flores, Michelle Freeman, Joshua Gardner, Abe Garcia, Alla Goldman, Victor Gomez, Jesse Goodfellow, Ashley Hardesty, Hailee Hart, Corinne Heaps, Wally Hesterman Jr., Joey Higgins, Brett Hochhalter, Kendall Holland, Kris Horn, Brian Huft, Adrian Jauriqui, JoseMartin Jimenez, Brandon Jones, Jackie Kenney, Damon Knepper, Kyle LaCasse, Jacob Lambeck, Alyssa Lambert, Cameron Langely, Alex Lee, Nicolas Lehnertz, Seth Liggins, Christopher Lisboa, Spenser Lotz, Jon Malapit, Kaleigh Martino, Juan Mateo, Dakota McConnell, Drew McCrea, Becky McGinn, Brian McGinn, Jacqueline Meyler, Taylor Miller, Isaiah Montoya, Jordan Nelson, Jordan Olivas, Roque Orozco, Ingrid Parker, Garrett Peelen, Jesus Pena, Joseph Perez, Deseree Pleitner, Alexandra Porter, Alex Priest, Joseph Ramirez, Peter Renslow, Amy Risinger, Michael “Chewie” Rivera, Lucas Rogers, Sierra Rogers, Sydney Rowe, Chris Sambrano, Sammy Sambrano, Philip Schroeder, Whitney Semmens, Caitlin Slaughter, Krystal Smith, Jule Streety, Jaici Sullivan, Lyle Teng, Andy Thomas, Mitchell Tingey, Vi TranLe, Sara Tubaugh, Michael Tucker, Erin VanBurkleo, Garrison Walker, Jamie Warhus, Anthony Webb, Joshua Westergard, Eric Weingartner, Travis Whaley, Zack Whittier, Dan Wibben, Tyler Wilson, Max Yeamans, Sara Zorman, Jonathan Zuniga.

Alumni, join this growing list and make your contribution before April 26!

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